Function and usage of is_client_error() in wordpress


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    The is_client_error($sc) function in WordPress is used to determine whether a given HTTP status code (represented by $sc) falls within the range of client error responses. Client error responses are HTTP status codes in the 4xx range, which indicate that the error was caused by the client (e.g., the user's request contained bad syntax, the request was invalid, etc.).

    Function Definition:

    is_client_error( int $sc ) : bool
    • Parameters:

      • $sc (int): The HTTP status code to check.
    • Return Value:

      • Returns true if the status code is in the range of 400-499, otherwise false.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's an example of how you might use is_client_error() in a WordPress context:

    $status_code = http_response_code(); // Get the current HTTP response code
    // Check if the status code is a client error
    if ( is_client_error( $status_code ) ) {
        echo "A client error occurred: HTTP Status Code $status_code";
    } else {
        echo "This is not a client error.";

    In this example, http_response_code() is used to get the current HTTP response code of the response being sent to the client. The is_client_error() function is then used to check if this status code is within the 400-499 range. If it is, a message indicating a client error is displayed; otherwise, a message stating that it's not a client error is shown.

    This function is useful for handling errors in a more granular way, allowing you to differentiate between client errors and other types of HTTP errors (like server errors in the 5xx range).

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