Function and usage of is_comments_popup() in wordpress


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    The is_comments_popup() function in WordPress is a part of the WordPress Conditional Tags, which are used by developers to perform different actions based on specific conditions within a WordPress site.

    Function: is_comments_popup()


    • Determines whether the current URL is within the comments popup window.

      In older versions of WordPress, there was a feature that allowed comments to be displayed in a separate popup window. This function was used to check if the current page is that popup window for comments.


    • Deprecated and Always Returns false:

      The is_comments_popup() function is now deprecated in WordPress, meaning it is no longer in use and isn't recommended for modern WordPress themes or plugins. This function always returns false because the comments popup feature is no longer a part of WordPress.

    Use Case:

    • Historical Reference or Legacy Code:

      This function might be found in older WordPress themes or plugins that were developed when the comments popup feature was still active. It's primarily of historical interest or might be relevant when dealing with legacy code that hasn't been updated.

    Sample Usage:

    if ( is_comments_popup() ) {
        // This code would have executed actions specific to the comments popup window.
        // However, as the function always returns false, this block will never be executed in modern WordPress.

    Documentation Reference:

    • For more information about this and similar theme functions, it's recommended to refer to the Conditional Tags article in the Theme Developer Handbook, available in the official WordPress documentation.


    • Developers working with current versions of WordPress will not need to use is_comments_popup() and should look for alternative methods to achieve their desired functionality, as the comments popup feature is obsolete.

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