Function and usage of is_locale_switched() in wordpress


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    The is_locale_switched() function in WordPress is a utility function used to determine if the locale (language and regional settings) of the site has been switched from the default locale to another one. This function becomes relevant in the context of a multilingual website where the content might be displayed in different languages based on user preferences or other criteria.

    Here's a detailed explanation and a sample usage of is_locale_switched():


    • Name: is_locale_switched()
    • Return Type: bool


    • The primary function of is_locale_switched() is to check if the site's locale has been changed using the switch_to_locale() function.
    • It helps in understanding whether the site is currently operating in its default language or in a switched locale.

    Return Values:

    • True: The function returns true if switch_to_locale() has been called and the locale has been successfully changed from the site's default.
    • False: It returns false if the locale has not been switched, meaning the site is currently operating in its default locale.

    Sample Usage:


    Imagine you have a multilingual WordPress site with English as the default language, but you also provide content in French and Spanish. You might switch the locale based on user preference or browser settings.


    // Switching the locale to French
    switch_to_locale( 'fr_FR' );
    // Check if the locale was switched
    if ( is_locale_switched() ) {
        // Code to execute if the locale has been switched
        echo 'The locale is switched to French.';
    } else {
        // Code to execute if the locale remains in the default
        echo 'The locale is still in the default language.';

    In this example, switch_to_locale( 'fr_FR' ) is used to switch the site's locale to French (fr_FR). The is_locale_switched() function is then called to check if the locale switch was successful. Depending on the result, different actions or notifications can be triggered.

    This function is particularly useful for developers who need to execute specific code or display different content based on the current locale of the site.

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