Function and usage of is_month() in wordpress


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    The is_month() function in WordPress is a conditional tag that determines whether the query being made is for an existing month archive. This function is especially useful in theme development when you want to display or alter content based on whether the current page is a monthly archive page.

    Function Definition:

    is_month(): bool


    • Purpose: Checks if the current query is for a month archive, which is a page showing posts from a specific month.
    • Use Case: Typically used in WordPress themes to modify the layout or content when the user is viewing a monthly archive. For instance, you might want to display a specific sidebar or a unique header for archive pages.
    • Location: This function is often used in theme files like archive.php, header.php, or index.php.

    Sample Usage:

    1. Basic Check:

      if ( is_month() ) {
          echo 'This is a monthly archive page.';

      This code checks if the current page is a month archive page and displays a message accordingly.

    2. Combining with Other Conditional Tags:

      if ( is_month() && !is_year() ) {
          echo 'This is a specific month archive, not a year archive.';

      Here, the code ensures the page is a monthly archive but not a yearly archive, allowing for more specific customizations.

    3. Use in a Theme Template: In a theme file, you might want to display different headers for archive pages.

      if ( is_month() ) {
      } else {

      This snippet will load a different header file (header-monthly.php) for month archive pages.


    • Return Value: It returns true if the current page is a month archive, and false otherwise.
    • Context: It's important to use is_month() within The Loop or after the global query variables are set.
    • Theme Developer Handbook: For more comprehensive details and advanced use cases, it's advisable to refer to the Conditional Tags section in the WordPress Theme Developer Handbook.

    In conclusion, is_month() is a simple yet powerful function for theme developers to tailor content and layout according to the type of page being viewed, particularly for monthly archives.

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