Function and usage of is_network_admin() in wordpress


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    The is_network_admin() function in WordPress is a utility function that helps in determining the context of the current request, specifically if it is for a network administrative interface. This function is particularly useful in WordPress Multisite installations. Here's a detailed explanation of its function, usage, and context:

    Function Signature

    is_network_admin(): bool


    • Determines the Context: The primary purpose of is_network_admin() is to check if the current request is being made to a network administrative interface in a WordPress Multisite setup.
    • Administrative Interface Detection: More specifically, it checks if the request is targeting URLs like /wp-admin/network/, which are exclusive to network administrators in a Multisite context.


    • Not a Role Checker: It's important to note that is_network_admin() does not check if the current user has administrative privileges. Its only job is to check the nature of the request.
    • Use current_user_can() for Role Checking: To check if a user has specific roles or capabilities (like being an administrator), you should use the current_user_can() function.
    • Multisite Check: This function does not verify if the WordPress installation is a Multisite network. To check whether Multisite is enabled, use the is_multisite() function.

    Return Value

    • Boolean (bool): The function returns true if the current request is for network administration pages in a WordPress Multisite. Otherwise, it returns false.

    Sample Usage

    Here's an example of how you might use is_network_admin():

    if ( is_network_admin() ) {
        // The code here will only execute if the request is for a network admin page.
        // You can perform network-specific admin tasks here.
    } else {
        // This code will execute for non-network admin requests.
        // Regular admin or frontend tasks can be handled here.

    Practical Application

    • Customizing Admin Interfaces: This function is useful for developers who want to customize the WordPress admin experience, especially in a Multisite environment, by adding or modifying functionality depending on whether the user is on a network admin page.
    • Plugin and Theme Development: When developing plugins or themes that behave differently in a network environment, is_network_admin() becomes crucial for ensuring that certain features or settings are only available to network administrators.


    is_network_admin() is a simple yet powerful function in WordPress for identifying the context of a network admin page request, which is especially useful in Multisite installations. It is primarily used for tailoring user experiences and functionalities in network admin contexts.

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