Function and usage of is_network_only_plugin() in wordpress


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    The is_network_only_plugin() function in WordPress is used to determine whether a plugin is intended to be activated only at the network level in a WordPress multisite installation. Here's a detailed explanation of its functionality and usage:


    is_network_only_plugin( string $plugin ): bool


    • This function checks for a specific directive in the header of a plugin file to determine if the plugin should be activated only as a network-wide plugin in a WordPress Multisite environment.
    • It looks for the header "Network: true" in the plugin's metadata. If this header is present and set to true, the function returns true, indicating that the plugin is intended for network-wide activation only.
    • For backward compatibility, it also checks for "Site Wide Only: true" in the plugin header.


    • In WordPress Multisite, some plugins are intended to be used across the entire network of sites, rather than being activated on a per-site basis. The is_network_only_plugin() function helps identify such plugins.
    • This is particularly useful for administrators managing a WordPress Multisite installation, allowing them to understand the scope of plugin activation and ensure proper plugin management at the network level.


    • $plugin (string, required): The path to the plugin file relative to the WordPress plugins directory. This parameter specifies which plugin file should be checked by the function.


    • (bool) Returns true if the plugin is designated as a network-only plugin, and false otherwise.

    Sample Usage:

    // Example usage of is_network_only_plugin()
    // Path to a specific plugin file relative to the plugins directory
    $plugin_path = 'example-plugin/example-plugin.php';
    // Check if the plugin is a network only plugin
    if ( is_network_only_plugin( $plugin_path ) ) {
        echo 'This plugin is for network-wide use only.';
    } else {
        echo 'This plugin can be activated on individual sites.';

    In this example, the is_network_only_plugin() function is used to check if the plugin located at 'example-plugin/example-plugin.php' within the WordPress plugins directory is a network-only plugin. Based on the result, an appropriate message is displayed.

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