Function and usage of is_paged() in wordpress


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    The is_paged() function in WordPress is a conditional tag that checks if the current query is for a paged result, specifically for pages beyond the first page. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function Signature:

    is_paged(): bool


    • Determines Whether Query is for a Paged Result: The function checks if the current page being viewed is a paged page. This is especially relevant in the context of post listings, like blog archives or search results, where results are split into multiple pages.


    • Context of Use: is_paged() is primarily used within WordPress themes to add specific behaviors or styles to paged results.
    • Not for the First Page: It returns true only if the user is viewing a page that is not the first page of a set of pages. For instance, in a blog archive, it returns true if the user is on page 2, page 3, etc.
    • Theme Developer Handbook: For comprehensive understanding and advanced usage, WordPress's Theme Developer Handbook offers extensive resources on is_paged() and similar conditional tags.

    Return Value:

    • bool: The function returns a boolean value (true or false).
      • true: The current query is for a paged result (i.e., a page number that is not the first page).
      • false: The current query is not a paged result (i.e., it is the first page or not a page at all).

    Sample Usage:

    1. Within a Theme Template File:

      if ( is_paged() ) {
          // Code to execute if it's a paged result (not the first page)
          echo "You are viewing a page beyond the first page!";
      } else {
          // Code for the first page or non-paged results
          echo "Welcome to the first page or a non-paged result!";

      This code checks if the user is viewing a paged result and displays a message accordingly.

    2. Adding Special Styling for Paged Results:

      if ( is_paged() ) {
          // Add a specific CSS class or style for paged results
          echo '<div class="paged-content">';
      // Your regular content display code
      echo '</div>';

      Here, a special CSS class is applied only to paged results, allowing for different styling on subsequent pages.


    is_paged() is a useful function in WordPress for theme developers to differentiate between the first page and subsequent paged results in post listings or archives. By utilizing this function, developers can provide a more tailored user experience on their websites.

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