Function and usage of is_php_version_compatible() in wordpress


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    The is_php_version_compatible() function in WordPress is designed to check the compatibility of a specified PHP version with the current PHP version running on the server. This is particularly useful for themes and plugins that require a certain minimum PHP version to function correctly.

    Function Definition

    is_php_version_compatible( string $required ): bool


    • $required (string): This is a required parameter that specifies the minimum PHP version required. It should be a string representing a PHP version, like "7.4" or "8.0".

    Return Value

    • The function returns a boolean (bool) value:
      • true: Indicates that the required PHP version is compatible with the current PHP version of the server or if the $required parameter is empty.
      • false: Indicates that the required PHP version is not compatible with the current PHP version of the server.

    Usage Example

    Imagine you have a plugin that requires at least PHP 7.4 to run properly. You can use is_php_version_compatible() to check if the server's PHP version meets this requirement.

    // Check if PHP 7.4 or higher is available
    if ( is_php_version_compatible( '7.4' ) ) {
        // The server's PHP version is compatible
        echo "PHP version is compatible.";
    } else {
        // The server's PHP version is not compatible
        echo "PHP version is not compatible. Please upgrade your PHP version.";

    In this example, the function is_php_version_compatible('7.4') checks if the server's current PHP version is 7.4 or higher. If it is, the function returns true, and the message "PHP version is compatible." is displayed. If the server's PHP version is lower than 7.4, the function returns false, and a different message prompting an upgrade is displayed.

    This function is particularly useful for ensuring compatibility and preventing issues related to version incompatibility in WordPress themes and plugins.

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