Function and usage of is_plugin_inactive() in wordpress


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    The is_plugin_inactive() function in WordPress is designed to check whether a specific plugin is inactive. It serves as the opposite of the is_plugin_active() function.

    Function Signature:

    is_plugin_inactive( string $plugin ): bool

    Function Description:

    • Purpose: This function determines if a specified plugin is inactive.
    • Usage: It's commonly used as a callback function within WordPress themes or plugins to conditionally execute code based on the plugin's activation status.
    • Context: To gain more insight into this and similar functions, you can refer to the Conditional Tags article in the Theme Developer Handbook. This function is often mentioned alongside is_plugin_active().


    • $plugin (string, required): The path to the plugin file, relative to the WordPress plugins directory. This path is typically something like "plugin-folder/plugin-file.php".

    Return Value:

    • Type: bool (Boolean)
    • Value: Returns true if the plugin is inactive, and false if the plugin is active.

    Sample Usage:

    Suppose you want to check if a plugin named "example-plugin/example-plugin.php" is inactive. Here's how you might use is_plugin_inactive():

    if ( is_plugin_inactive( 'example-plugin/example-plugin.php' ) ) {
        // Code to execute if the plugin is inactive
        echo "The plugin is inactive.";
    } else {
        // Code to execute if the plugin is active
        echo "The plugin is active.";

    In this example, the function checks the activation status of "example-plugin/example-plugin.php". Depending on whether the plugin is active or inactive, it executes the corresponding code block.

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