Function and usage of is_plugin_paused() in wordpress


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    The is_plugin_paused() function in WordPress is used to check whether a plugin is currently paused. This function is particularly useful for managing plugins that are active but have encountered an issue during their loading process, causing them to be paused. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and usage:

    Function: is_plugin_paused( string $plugin ): bool


    • Determines if a plugin, although technically active, has been paused while loading.


    • In WordPress, plugins can be paused if they encounter an error during their loading or execution. This doesn't mean the plugin is deactivated; it's still active but in a paused state.
    • The is_plugin_paused() function checks whether a given plugin is in this paused state. This is helpful for debugging or for creating admin interfaces that need to show the status of plugins.
    • For more detailed information on plugin management and related functions, you can refer to the Conditional Tags section in the Theme Developer Handbook.


    • $plugin (string, required): This parameter specifies the path to the plugin file, relative to the WordPress plugins directory. You need to provide the correct plugin path for this function to check its status.

    Return Value:

    • The function returns a boolean value:
      • true if the plugin is found in the list of paused plugins.
      • false if the plugin is not in the list of paused plugins.

    Sample Usage:

    Let's say you have a plugin with the relative path my-plugin/my-plugin.php in your WordPress plugins directory, and you want to check if it is paused:

    if ( is_plugin_paused( 'my-plugin/my-plugin.php' ) ) {
        echo 'The plugin "My Plugin" is currently paused.';
    } else {
        echo 'The plugin "My Plugin" is not paused.';

    In this example:

    • We're checking if the plugin located at my-plugin/my-plugin.php is paused.
    • If it's paused, a message stating that the plugin is currently paused is displayed.
    • If it's not paused, a different message indicating that the plugin is not paused is shown.

    This function is particularly useful for plugin developers or administrators who need to manage the state of plugins on a WordPress site, especially when dealing with errors or issues during plugin execution.

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