Function and usage of is_post_type_archive() in wordpress


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    The is_post_type_archive() function in WordPress is a conditional tag that is used to determine if a query is for an existing post type archive page. This is particularly useful when you're developing themes or plugins and need to execute certain code only on archive pages for specific post types.

    Function Signature:

    is_post_type_archive( string|string[] $post_types = '' ): bool


    This function checks if the main WordPress query is currently on a post type archive page. Post type archives are automatically generated pages that list the posts of a given post type.


    • $post_types: This can be a single post type (as a string) or an array of post types (as string[]). It's optional, and the default value is an empty string (''). This parameter specifies which post type(s) you want to check for. If it's not provided, the function will return true if the current query is for any existing post type archive.

    Return Value:

    • Returns a bool (Boolean) value:
      • true if the query is for an existing post type archive page of the specified post type(s).
      • false otherwise.

    Sample Usage:

    1. Basic Usage - To check if the current page is an archive of any post type:

      if ( is_post_type_archive() ) {
          // Code to execute if on any post type archive page
    2. Specific Post Type - To check for a specific post type, like 'product':

      if ( is_post_type_archive('product') ) {
          // Code for product post type archive page
    3. Multiple Post Types - To check for multiple post types, like 'book' and 'movie':

      if ( is_post_type_archive(['book', 'movie']) ) {
          // Code for book or movie post type archive pages

    Use Cases:

    • Theming: Customize the layout or content displayed on the archive page for a specific custom post type.
    • Plugin Development: Execute specific functions or enqueue scripts/styles on pages that list posts of certain types.

    For more detailed information and best practices, it's recommended to refer to the Conditional Tags article in the WordPress Theme Developer Handbook.

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