Function and usage of is_random_header_image() in wordpress


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    The is_random_header_image() function in WordPress is designed to check whether a random header image is currently in use on a WordPress site. Here's a detailed explanation of its functionality and usage:


    is_random_header_image( string $type = 'any' ): bool


    • The primary purpose of this function is to determine if a random header image is being used on a WordPress site.
    • It returns true under two main conditions:
      1. User Selection: If the user has explicitly selected the option to use a random header image in the WordPress admin area under Appearance > Header.
      2. Theme Support with Multiple Images: If the theme in use has multiple header images registered, no specific header image has been chosen, and the theme supports random headers using the add_theme_support() function.


    • $type (string, optional): This parameter specifies the pool of images from which the random header image is selected. It can take the following values:

      • 'any': This is the default value. It includes all available header images (both default and uploaded).
      • 'default': This includes only the default header images provided by the theme.
      • 'uploaded': This includes only the images uploaded by the user.

      The default value is 'any', meaning that if no specific value is provided, the function will consider all available header images.


    • The function returns a boolean value (bool):
      • true: Indicates that a random header image is in use according to the specified conditions.
      • false: Indicates that a random header image is not in use.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's an example of how you might use is_random_header_image() in a WordPress theme or plugin:

    if ( is_random_header_image( 'default' ) ) {
        // Execute code if a random default header image is in use
        echo "A random default header image is currently active.";
    } else {
        // Execute alternative code
        echo "No random default header image is in use.";

    In this example, the function checks if a random header image from the default set provided by the theme is being used. Depending on the result, it executes different blocks of code.

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