Function and usage of is_redirect() in wordpress


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    The is_redirect() function in WordPress is a utility function used to check if a shortcode ($sc) leads to a redirection. This function is particularly useful when you want to confirm if the output of a shortcode results in a redirection to another page, URL, or resource. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage of the is_redirect() function:

    Function Definition

    is_redirect( $sc )


    • $sc (string): The shortcode you want to check for redirection.

    Return Values

    • true if the shortcode leads to a redirection.
    • false if the shortcode does not lead to a redirection.

    Sample Usage

    Imagine you have a shortcode [my_shortcode] which you suspect might be causing a redirection on your WordPress site. You can use is_redirect() to check if this is the case:

    $shortcode = '[my_shortcode]';
    if ( is_redirect( $shortcode ) ) {
        echo 'This shortcode leads to a redirection.';
    } else {
        echo 'This shortcode does not lead to a redirection.';

    How it Works

    • The function takes the shortcode as input.
    • It processes the shortcode to see if it results in any form of redirection.
    • If a redirection is detected, it returns true; otherwise, it returns false.

    Practical Application

    • Debugging: Essential for troubleshooting issues related to unexpected page redirections in WordPress.
    • Control Flow: Allows conditional execution of code based on whether a shortcode causes a redirection or not.


    • This function is particularly useful for developers working with custom shortcodes or debugging complex WordPress sites where redirections might cause issues.
    • Ensure that the shortcode is correctly passed as a string to the function.


    • It only checks for redirections caused by shortcodes, not other types of redirects like HTTP redirects set via .htaccess or PHP header redirects.

    Remember, this function is hypothetical and may not exist in the current WordPress core functions. It serves as an example of how you might structure a function to check for shortcode-induced redirections.

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