Function and usage of is_taxonomy_viewable() in wordpress


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    The is_taxonomy_viewable() function in WordPress is used to determine if a given taxonomy is considered "viewable" to the public. This function is particularly useful for theme and plugin developers who need to check the visibility of taxonomies in various contexts.

    Function Signature

    is_taxonomy_viewable( string|WP_Taxonomy $taxonomy ): bool


    • $taxonomy (string | WP_Taxonomy): This is the required parameter. You can pass either the taxonomy name as a string or an instance of the WP_Taxonomy object. This parameter specifies which taxonomy you are checking for viewability.

    Return Value

    • The function returns a boolean value (bool):
      • true: Indicates that the taxonomy is viewable.
      • false: Indicates that the taxonomy is not viewable.

    How It Works

    The function checks various conditions to determine if the taxonomy is viewable. For instance, it checks if the taxonomy is publicly queryable, which is a property set when registering the taxonomy. If the taxonomy is registered with 'publicly_queryable' => true, it's usually viewable. However, the function might also consider other properties and settings in its determination.

    Sample Usage

    Here’s an example of how is_taxonomy_viewable() might be used in a WordPress plugin or theme:

    // Check if a specific taxonomy is viewable
    $taxonomy_name = 'category'; // example taxonomy name
    $is_viewable = is_taxonomy_viewable( $taxonomy_name );
    if ( $is_viewable ) {
        echo 'The taxonomy is viewable.';
    } else {
        echo 'The taxonomy is not viewable.';

    In this example, we are checking if the 'category' taxonomy is viewable. Based on the result, we perform an action (in this case, simply outputting a message).

    Practical Use Cases

    • Theme Development: When displaying taxonomy-related information on a website, you might want to check if the taxonomy is intended to be public.
    • Plugin Development: If your plugin deals with taxonomy data, using this function helps in ensuring that you are only working with taxonomies intended for public or front-end use.


    is_taxonomy_viewable() is a straightforward and useful function for anyone working with taxonomies in WordPress. It provides an easy way to check the viewability of a taxonomy, helping developers handle taxonomy data appropriately in their themes or plugins.

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