Function and usage of is_term() in wordpress


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    The is_term() function in WordPress is used to check if a specific term exists within a given taxonomy. It's particularly useful for developers working with custom taxonomies and terms in WordPress. Here's a detailed breakdown of the function and its usage:

    Function Signature

    is_term( int|string $term, string $taxonomy = '', int $parent ): mixed


    • Purpose: The primary function of is_term() is to check whether a given term exists in a specified taxonomy, optionally within a certain parent term.
    • Related Function: It's helpful to note that this function is closely related to term_exists(). While both functions are used to check for the existence of terms, term_exists() is more commonly used.


    1. $term (int|string, required):

      • This is the term you want to check for.
      • It can be either the term's ID or its name as a string.
    2. $taxonomy (string, optional):

      • This specifies the taxonomy in which to check for the term.
      • Common taxonomies include 'category', 'post_tag', etc.
      • Default value is an empty string (''), which means it will check in all taxonomies.
    3. $parent (int, required):

      • This is the ID of the parent term under which you want to confine the search for the term.
      • This parameter is crucial when you want to check for a term that is nested within a specific hierarchy.

    Return Value

    • Type: mixed
    • Description: The function returns the term ID or term object if the term exists. If the term does not exist, it returns NULL.

    Sample Usage

    $term_id = 123; // Example term ID
    $taxonomy_name = 'category'; // Example taxonomy
    $parent_id = 45; // Example parent term ID
    $term_exists = is_term($term_id, $taxonomy_name, $parent_id);
    if ($term_exists) {
        echo "Term exists";
    } else {
        echo "Term does not exist";

    In this example, we are checking if a term with ID 123 exists in the 'category' taxonomy under a parent term with ID 45. The function will return the term ID or the term object if it exists; otherwise, it will return NULL.


    is_term() is a handy function for WordPress theme and plugin developers, especially when dealing with custom taxonomies and terms. Its ability to check for term existence within a specific taxonomy and parent term makes it a powerful tool for managing content hierarchies and relationships in WordPress.

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