Function and usage of links_popup_script() in wordpress


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    The links_popup_script() function in WordPress is designed to display a link that, when clicked, opens a popup window containing links. This function is particularly useful for managing and presenting a collection of links in a compact and user-friendly manner. Let's break down its functionality and parameters:


    • Purpose: To show a clickable link that opens a popup window containing links. It can also display the total number of links in the database if desired.
    • Usage: This function is typically used when you want to offer users a dedicated space to explore various links without navigating away from the current page.


    1. $text (string, optional):

      • Description: The text that appears as the clickable link on the webpage.
      • Default Value: 'Links'.
      • Usage Example: If you set $text = 'More Info', the link on your webpage will read 'More Info'.
    2. $width (int, optional):

      • Description: The width of the popup window in pixels.
      • Default Value: 400.
      • Usage Example: Setting $width = 500 makes the popup wider, suitable for displaying more content horizontally.
    3. $height (int, optional):

      • Description: The height of the popup window in pixels.
      • Default Value: 400.
      • Usage Example: Setting $height = 600 allows for more content to be displayed vertically without scrolling.
    4. $file (string, optional):

      • Description: Specifies the page to be loaded inside the popup window.
      • Default Value: 'links.all.php' (a PHP file that presumably lists all links).
      • Usage Example: If you have a custom page like 'custom-links.php', you can set $file = 'custom-links.php' to load this page in the popup.
    5. $count (bool, optional):

      • Description: Determines whether to show the number of links in the database next to the link text.
      • Default Value: true.
      • Usage Example: Setting $count = false will hide the link count, making the link text cleaner if you don't need to show the number of links.

    Sample Usage:

    // Example usage of links_popup_script()
    links_popup_script('View All Links', 500, 600, 'my-custom-links.php', false);

    In this example, the function creates a link labeled 'View All Links'. When clicked, it opens a popup window of 500x600 pixels, showing the content from 'my-custom-links.php', without displaying the count of links.

    Practical Considerations:

    • Ensure that popup blockers do not interfere with the function's operation.
    • Customize the $file parameter to point to a relevant page with the links you wish to display.
    • Adjust $width and $height to suit the content and design of your website.

    This function offers a convenient way to manage links on a WordPress site, especially when you have many of them but want to maintain a clean and uncluttered webpage.

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