Function and usage of link_xfn_meta_box() in wordpress


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    The link_xfn_meta_box() function in WordPress is designed to display XFN (XHTML Friends Network) form fields. This function is particularly used in the context of managing links in WordPress, allowing users to specify the nature of the relationship with the linked website using XFN attributes. Here's a detailed explanation:

    Function: link_xfn_meta_box( object $link )


    • Displays XFN Form Fields: This function is used to render the XHTML Friends Network (XFN) form fields in the WordPress admin interface, typically on the link editing screen.


    • $link (object, required):
      • This is the current link object being edited or added in the WordPress dashboard.
      • It contains details about the specific link, such as URL, name, description, and any pre-existing XFN attributes assigned to it.

    Usage Example:

    // Assuming you have a link object, which you might have retrieved or created.
    $link = /* Some code to get or create a link object */;
    // Now, you can display the XFN meta box for this link.

    Sample Scenario:

    1. In the WordPress Admin Dashboard: When you're editing a link in the WordPress admin area, you want to specify how your site is related to the linked site (e.g., is it a friend's site, a colleague's blog, etc.).

    2. Using link_xfn_meta_box(): This function will render a series of checkboxes or inputs on the link editing screen that allow you to choose various XFN attributes like 'friendship', 'physical', 'professional', etc.

    3. Result: After saving the link, these XFN attributes are stored and can be used by themes or plugins to display or process the nature of the relationship between your site and the linked site.

    Important Notes:

    • XFN Context: XFN is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks. In WordPress, it's primarily used in the context of links or blogrolls.
    • Theme and Plugin Dependency: The display and usage of XFN data depend on your WordPress theme and plugins. Some themes/plugins might use this data to display information about the linked sites differently.
    • Admin Interface Usage: link_xfn_meta_box() is typically used only in the WordPress admin area and is not intended for front-end display.


    The link_xfn_meta_box() function is a specialized WordPress function used in the admin interface for managing link relationships through XFN attributes. It enhances the way WordPress handles links by allowing website administrators to define and display the nature of their relationship with other websites.


    The link_xfn_meta_box() function in WordPress is used to display XFN (XHTML Friends Network) form fields. This function is part of WordPress's link management system, which allows users to define relationships between their site and the sites they link to.


    • Name: link_xfn_meta_box
    • Purpose: To display XFN form fields.


    1. $link (object) - Required.
      • Description: This is the current link object that the function will use to display the XFN form fields.
      • Type: Object
      • Note: The object contains information about the specific link for which the XFN data is being set or edited.


    To use link_xfn_meta_box(), you need to have a link object that you want to apply XFN data to. This function is generally used in the context of WordPress's admin interface for link management.

    Here's a basic example of how it might be used:

    $link = /* get the link object by some means, perhaps querying the database */;

    In this example, $link is a link object that you've obtained from WordPress's database. The link_xfn_meta_box() function will then render the XFN form fields for that specific link.

    Context of Use:

    This function is typically used in the backend of WordPress, specifically in the Links section, where you can edit or add new links. It's part of the interface for managing how your site relates to other sites in terms of relationships like friendship, kinship, physical, professional, geographical, family, and romantic, as defined by the XFN standards.

    It's important to note that as WordPress evolves, some functions related to link management might be deprecated or changed, so it's always good to refer to the latest WordPress documentation or developer resources for the most current information.

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