Function and usage of list_translation_updates() in wordpress


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    The list_translation_updates() function in WordPress is a specific function used to display the update translations form. This function is primarily used in the WordPress backend, particularly in the updates section, where it helps in managing and updating the translations for themes, plugins, and core WordPress files. Here's a detailed explanation of its functionality and a sample usage:

    Function: list_translation_updates()

    • Purpose: To display the update translations form in the WordPress admin area.
    • Functionality:
      • Retrieves the available translation updates using WordPress's internal functions.
      • Displays a list of these updates, including details such as the language, type of translation (plugin, theme, or core), and version.
      • Provides an interface for administrators to select and apply these updates.

    Sample Usage

    In a typical scenario, list_translation_updates() is not directly used by theme or plugin developers in their code. Instead, it is a part of the WordPress core system, specifically for handling translation updates. However, understanding its usage can be beneficial:

    1. Admin Panel Integration: The function is integrated into the WordPress admin panel, under the 'Updates' section. When an admin navigates to Dashboard > Updates, list_translation_updates() is called to show available translation updates.

    2. Triggering Updates:

      • The function lists available translations.
      • Administrators can select which translations they want to update (if multiple are available).
      • Upon confirmation, WordPress downloads and applies these translations.
    3. Behind the Scenes: The function works by checking the WordPress translations API for updates, matching them with the installed version of WordPress, themes, and plugins, and then displaying them.

    Points to Remember

    • Not for Frontend Use: This function is meant for backend use and should not be used in theme or plugin frontend files.
    • Core Updates: It's a part of WordPress core updates functionality, so altering or overriding this function is generally not recommended unless for advanced customizations.
    • Dependencies: It relies on other WordPress core functions and the WordPress Translations API.

    In summary, list_translation_updates() is a WordPress core function crucial for maintaining the multilingual aspect of WordPress sites, allowing administrators to easily update translations for various components of their website.

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