Function and usage of make_site_theme_from_default() in wordpress


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    The make_site_theme_from_default() function in WordPress is used to create a new site theme by utilizing the default theme as a base. This function simplifies the process of creating a new theme by copying the default theme's structure and files. Here's a detailed breakdown of the function and its usage:


    make_site_theme_from_default( string $theme_name, string $template ): void|false


    • This function is designed to create a new site theme using the default WordPress theme as a starting point.
    • It copies the default theme's files and structure to a new directory, allowing you to customize the new theme without affecting the original default theme.
    • The function is particularly useful for quickly setting up a new theme with a structure similar to the default theme.


    1. $theme_name (string, required):

      • This parameter specifies the name of the new theme you want to create.
      • It is a label for your theme, which will be displayed in the WordPress admin area.
    2. $template (string, required):

      • This parameter represents the directory name where the new theme will be stored.
      • It should be unique and typically reflects the theme's name in a URL-friendly format (e.g., no spaces, special characters).


    • void|false:
      • The function returns void on successful creation of the new theme.
      • It returns false if the theme creation fails for any reason, such as insufficient permissions or if the specified $template directory already exists.

    Sample Usage:

    // Example of using make_site_theme_from_default
    make_site_theme_from_default('My Custom Theme', 'my-custom-theme');
    // This would create a new theme named 'My Custom Theme' 
    // and store it in a directory named 'my-custom-theme'.

    Important Notes:

    • Ensure that the WordPress installation has the necessary permissions to create directories and copy files.
    • The function should be used cautiously, as it directly creates files and directories in your WordPress theme directory.
    • It's a good practice to check if the function exists before calling it to avoid errors in case the function is not available in your WordPress version.

    Best Practices:

    • Always create a backup of your WordPress site before performing operations like creating new themes.
    • After creating the theme, thoroughly test it to ensure that all functionalities work correctly and that there are no conflicts with existing themes or plugins.
    • Customize the new theme according to your requirements, keeping in mind WordPress theme development standards.

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