Function and usage of media_upload_audio() in wordpress


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    The media_upload_audio() function in WordPress is specifically designed for handling the upload of audio files. Here's a detailed explanation of its usage and function:

    Function Signature:

    media_upload_audio(): null|string


    • Function: media_upload_audio()
    • Usage: This function is responsible for managing the upload process of audio files in the WordPress backend. It is part of the WordPress Media Uploader, a tool used for managing media uploads including images, videos, and audio files.


    • Process: When a user uploads an audio file through the WordPress media uploader, media_upload_audio() is invoked. This function handles the file checking, uploading, and any errors that might occur during the process.
    • File Types: The function typically supports common audio file types like MP3, WAV, OGG, etc., depending on the WordPress configuration and server settings.
    • User Interface: It usually provides a user interface for selecting and uploading the audio file, although this can be customized or extended by themes and plugins.
    • Integration: It works in conjunction with other WordPress functions and features, ensuring seamless integration with the media library and other aspects of the WordPress ecosystem.

    How to Use:

    1. Context: media_upload_audio() is generally used in the context of WordPress admin screens, particularly in the media upload sections.
    2. Calling the Function: It can be invoked in custom plugin or theme development when there's a need to provide a specific interface or functionality for uploading audio files.
    3. Customization: Developers can hook into this process to modify or extend the functionality, like custom validations, file type restrictions, or integrating with external storage solutions.

    Return Values:

    • null|string: After the execution, the function returns either null or a string.
      • Null: Indicates that the upload did not complete successfully, or no file was uploaded.
      • String: A successful upload will return a string. This string typically represents the attachment ID, file URL, or a similar reference to the uploaded audio file in the WordPress database.

    See Also:

    • wp_media_upload_handler(): It's recommended to see wp_media_upload_handler() for understanding the broader context of media handling in WordPress. This function is part of the overall media upload handling system and shares functionality with similar media upload functions.

    Sample Usage:

    In a custom plugin or theme where you need a specialized audio upload functionality, you could use media_upload_audio() to leverage WordPress's built-in capabilities, ensuring consistency and reliability in handling media files.


    This function is a part of WordPress’s internal API and is subject to change. Always refer to the latest WordPress documentation for the most current information.

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