Function and usage of media_upload_header() in wordpress


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    The media_upload_header() function in WordPress is a part of the media upload system. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function: media_upload_header()


    • Outputs the Legacy Media Upload Header: This function is used to display the header in the media upload pop-up in older versions of WordPress. It's part of the legacy media system and is typically called within media upload templates.



    This function doesn't take any parameters and is usually used in conjunction with other media upload functions.

    Context of Use

    • Media Upload Templates: It's commonly found in templates that are part of the media uploading process. These templates are used for handling various media upload tasks like image selection, gallery creation, or file browsing.

    Sample Usage Scenario

    1. Custom Media Uploader Page: Imagine you're creating a custom media uploader for a theme or plugin. You'd start by creating a new template file for the media uploader interface.

    2. Adding the Header: In your template file, you might want to include a standard header. Here's where media_upload_header() comes into play. By calling this function, you insert the legacy header into your custom media uploader page.

    3. Customization and Styling: Even though it's a legacy function, you can still style the output using CSS or extend it with additional HTML or text to match the design of your theme or plugin.


    • Legacy Function: It's important to note that media_upload_header() is part of the older media system in WordPress. Newer versions of WordPress have a different approach to handling media uploads, typically through the WordPress REST API and JavaScript interfaces.
    • Compatibility: Before using this function, ensure that it's compatible with the version of WordPress you're working with. It might be deprecated in future versions, so it's recommended to check the latest WordPress documentation or consider using more modern methods for handling media uploads.


    function my_custom_media_uploader() {
        echo '<div class="my-media-uploader">';
        media_upload_header(); // Outputs the legacy media upload header
        // Additional custom HTML and PHP for media uploader...
        echo '</div>';

    In this example, the media_upload_header() function is used to add a legacy header to a custom media uploader interface. The rest of the function would include additional code to handle the media upload process.


    While media_upload_header() offers a quick way to insert a media upload header, its usage is limited to older methodologies in WordPress. For newer projects, exploring current media handling APIs and functions is advisable for better compatibility and functionality with the latest versions of WordPress.

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