Function and usage of media_upload_type_form() in wordpress


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    The media_upload_type_form function in WordPress is a utility function designed to output the legacy media upload form for a specific media type. This function is part of WordPress's media upload system, which allows users to upload and manage media files like images, videos, and audio files. Let's break down the function and its parameters:

    Function Prototype

    media_upload_type_form( string $type = 'file', array $errors = null, int|WP_Error $id = null )


    1. $type (string, optional): This parameter specifies the type of media that the upload form will handle. It defaults to 'file', which generally refers to any file type. You can specify other types depending on the context and the need, such as 'image', 'video', or 'audio'.

    2. $errors (array, optional): This is an array of errors that can be passed to the form. It defaults to null. If there are any errors during the file upload process, they can be displayed to the user through this parameter. This helps in providing feedback about what went wrong during the upload.

    3. $id (int|WP_Error, optional): This parameter can be either an integer or a WP_Error object. It defaults to null. The integer typically represents the ID of the media item being edited. If there's an error related to the media item (like file not found or access denied), a WP_Error object can be passed.

    Function Usage

    The media_upload_type_form function is generally used in the context of WordPress's admin panel, specifically in the media upload and management sections. It's part of the legacy WordPress media uploader, which might be replaced or has been replaced in newer WordPress versions with a more modern JavaScript-based media uploader.

    Sample Usage

    // Example of using media_upload_type_form
    function my_custom_media_upload_form() {
        // Specify the type of media
        $type = 'image'; 
        // Assume no errors at the start
        $errors = null; 
        // No specific media item ID
        $id = null; 
        // Output the media upload form for images
        media_upload_type_form($type, $errors, $id);

    This example function my_custom_media_upload_form would display a media upload form specifically for images. It doesn't handle errors or specific media IDs, but those could be added based on the context in which this function is used.


    • The usage of this function might vary based on the version of WordPress you are using. Always refer to the official WordPress documentation for the most up-to-date and version-specific information.
    • With the evolution of WordPress, especially with the introduction of the Gutenberg editor, the ways media is handled in the admin panel might have changed. This function pertains to the classic editor or legacy systems.

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