Function and usage of media_upload_type_url_form() in wordpress


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    The media_upload_type_url_form() function in WordPress is designed for handling the upload of external media. This function is part of the WordPress media uploader, which is used for adding media content to your WordPress site. Here's a detailed explanation of the function and its parameters:


    • Name: media_upload_type_url_form
    • Purpose: To output the legacy media upload form specifically for external media. This function is particularly useful when you want to include media from external sources (like external URLs) into your WordPress content.


    1. $type (string, optional):

      • Description: This parameter specifies the type of media that is being uploaded. It could be different media types like 'image', 'video', 'audio', etc.
      • Default Value: null. If not specified, the function will use a default setting or global value that's relevant in the context where it's used.
    2. $errors (object, optional):

      • Description: This parameter allows passing in error objects. This can be useful for handling and displaying errors that occur during the media upload process.
      • Default Value: null. If no errors have occurred or if you don't need to handle errors in this context, you can leave this parameter out.
    3. $id (int, optional):

      • Description: This parameter is used to pass an identifier for the media upload. This could be an ID that represents a specific media item in the WordPress media library.
      • Default Value: null. If you're not dealing with a specific media item or if an ID isn't relevant in your context, this parameter can be omitted.

    Usage Example:

    Here's a simple example to illustrate how this function might be used in a WordPress theme or plugin:

    // Example usage of media_upload_type_url_form
    // Assume we're working with a video type
    $type = 'video';
    // No specific errors to handle in this example
    $errors = null;
    // No specific ID is required
    $id = null;
    // Output the media upload form for a video
    media_upload_type_url_form($type, $errors, $id);

    In this example, the function is used to output a media upload form for a video. We've specified the type as 'video', but we haven't needed to deal with specific errors or IDs in this context.


    • This function is part of the legacy media uploader in WordPress. Depending on the WordPress version and the modernization of the media handling, this function might be deprecated or replaced in future WordPress releases.
    • Always ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version and consider using newer functions or methods if available for handling media uploads, especially for new developments.

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