Function and usage of meta_box_prefs() in wordpress


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    The meta_box_prefs() function in WordPress is used for handling the preferences of meta boxes on a screen meta in the WordPress admin. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function: meta_box_prefs()


    • Prints the meta box preferences for screen meta: This function is primarily used in the WordPress admin to manage how meta boxes are displayed on different screens. It's a part of the WordPress screen API which is used for handling different aspects of admin screens.


    1. $screen (WP_Screen): This is a required parameter.
      • Type: Object
      • Description: The $screen parameter represents the screen for which you want to print the meta box preferences. It should be an instance of the WP_Screen class.
      • How to Obtain: You can get a WP_Screen object by using the get_current_screen() function in WordPress or by constructing a new WP_Screen object.

    Sample Usage:

    To demonstrate how meta_box_prefs() is used, let's consider a scenario where you want to manage the meta box preferences on a custom admin page in WordPress.

    1. Create a Custom Admin Page: First, you'll need a custom admin page. You can add one using add_menu_page() or add_submenu_page() functions.

      add_action('admin_menu', 'my_custom_menu_page');
      function my_custom_menu_page(){
              'Custom Menu Title', 
              'Custom Menu', 
    2. Define the Callback Function: In the callback function for the custom page, you'll use meta_box_prefs().

      function my_custom_page_callback() {
          // Get the current screen
          $screen = get_current_screen();
          // Print the meta box preferences for this screen
          // Rest of your page content goes here
    3. Use in the Context of the Current Screen: The meta_box_prefs() function is typically used within the context of the current screen. So, it's common to see it used within callback functions for admin pages or in plugins that modify the admin interface.

    Important Notes:

    • Context-Specific: This function is specific to the WordPress admin area and is used for handling the display of meta boxes in the admin screens.
    • Screen API: It's a part of the larger Screen API in WordPress, which provides several functions for managing admin screens.

    This function is more about the internal workings of WordPress admin screens and is less likely to be used in theme development or standard plugin development, unless you're heavily customizing the admin area.

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