Function and usage of ms_deprecated_blogs_file() in wordpress


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    The ms_deprecated_blogs_file() function in WordPress is a part of the WordPress Multisite (previously known as WordPress MU) feature. This function is specifically used for managing deprecated "blogs" files in a Multisite network. Here's a detailed explanation and a sample usage of this function:

    Function: ms_deprecated_blogs_file()


    • Primary Use: This function is used to handle the deprecated functionality related to the blogs.php file in WordPress Multisite. In older versions of WordPress, the blogs.php file was used in the administration of Multisite networks. However, this file has been deprecated in favor of newer, more efficient methods and functions.
    • Deprecated Nature: As the name suggests, ms_deprecated_blogs_file() is itself a deprecated function. This means it is no longer recommended for use in current and future WordPress development. The WordPress core team keeps such functions in the codebase primarily for backward compatibility with older themes and plugins.


    • Check for Deprecated File: The function checks if the deprecated blogs.php file is being used. If it detects the use of this file, it typically triggers a notice or warning to inform the developer or site administrator that they are using deprecated functionality.
    • Redirect or Alternative Actions: In some cases, this function may also provide a redirect to the appropriate new page or suggest an alternative method for achieving the same functionality that was previously handled by blogs.php.

    Sample Usage:

    // Example of ms_deprecated_blogs_file function usage
    if ( function_exists('ms_deprecated_blogs_file') ) {
    // Rest of your code here

    In this example:

    • Function Check: First, we check if the ms_deprecated_blogs_file function exists. This is a good practice because it ensures compatibility with various versions of WordPress.
    • Function Call: If the function exists, we then call ms_deprecated_blogs_file(). This would execute its intended check for deprecated file usage.

    Important Note:

    • Use in Modern Development: Given that ms_deprecated_blogs_file() is a deprecated function, it's important to avoid using it in modern WordPress development. Instead, developers should use the current recommended methods and functions for managing Multisite networks.
    • Updating Codebase: If you come across this function in an existing WordPress site, especially in custom plugins or themes, it's advisable to update the code to use the latest WordPress standards and functionalities. This ensures better performance, security, and compatibility with future WordPress updates.

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