Function and usage of multisite_over_quota_message() in wordpress


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    The multisite_over_quota_message() function in WordPress is used in a multisite network setup. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function Overview:

    • Name: multisite_over_quota_message
    • Purpose: This function is designed to display a message or notification when a site in a WordPress Multisite network has exceeded its storage quota.
    • Use Case: Typically, it's used in scenarios where network administrators have set storage limits for each site within the network. When a site exceeds this limit, the function triggers a message to inform the site administrator or users about the exceeded quota.

    How It Works:

    1. Quota Check: When a user tries to upload files or add content that would exceed the allocated storage space, WordPress checks the quota.
    2. Message Display: If the quota is exceeded, the multisite_over_quota_message() function is called. This function then displays a predefined message.
    3. Customization: The message displayed can be customized by network administrators. This allows for more specific instructions or information to be conveyed.

    Sample Usage:

    In a typical WordPress Multisite setup, you might not directly call this function in your theme or plugin code. Instead, it's part of the WordPress core that automatically executes when the relevant condition is met. However, if you need to customize its behavior, you might hook into related actions or filters.


    Let's say you want to customize the message displayed when the quota is exceeded. You might use a filter hook to modify the default message.

    add_filter('admin_notices', 'custom_quota_message');
    function custom_quota_message() {
        if (is_multisite() && !is_upload_space_available()) {
            echo '<div class="error"><p>' . __('You have exceeded your storage quota. Please delete some files to upload more.') . '</p></div>';

    In this example, the custom_quota_message function checks if the site is part of a multisite network and if the upload space is available. If the quota is exceeded, it displays a custom error message in the WordPress admin area.

    Key Points:

    • Context-Specific: This function is specific to WordPress Multisite installations.
    • Quota Management: It helps in managing and communicating storage limits effectively within the network.
    • Customization: While the function itself is part of the core, its output or triggering conditions can be customized via hooks and filters.

    This function exemplifies how WordPress provides tools for effective management and user communication in a multisite environment.

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