Function and usage of network_admin_url() in wordpress


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    The network_admin_url() function in WordPress is designed to retrieve the URL of the network admin area. This function is particularly useful in a WordPress multisite network where there are multiple sites managed under a single WordPress installation. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function Definition

    network_admin_url( string $path = "", string $scheme = 'admin' ): string

    Function Description

    • Purpose: network_admin_url() provides a way to obtain the URL of the network admin area in a WordPress multisite setup. This is where network-wide settings and configurations are managed.


    1. $path (string, optional): This parameter allows you to specify a path that will be appended to the network admin URL. It's useful when you want to link directly to a specific page within the network admin area.

      • Default: '' (empty string)
      • Example: 'sites.php' to link to the Sites page in the network admin.
    2. $scheme (string, optional): This parameter dictates the URL scheme to use. The default value 'admin' respects the settings defined by force_ssl_admin() and is_ssl(), automatically determining whether to use HTTP or HTTPS. However, you can explicitly specify 'http' or 'https' if needed.

      • Default: 'admin'
      • Options: 'http', 'https', 'admin'

    Return Value

    • Type: string
    • Description: Returns the full URL to the network admin area, including any optional path appended. The URL will use the specified scheme or follow the site's SSL configuration.

    Sample Usage

    Here are a few examples of how to use network_admin_url():

    // Basic usage - gets the URL of the network admin dashboard
    $network_dashboard_url = network_admin_url();
    // Appending a specific admin page path
    $network_sites_url = network_admin_url('sites.php');
    // Forcing the URL to use HTTPS
    $network_https_url = network_admin_url('', 'https');

    Practical Application

    You can use this function in plugins or themes that need to generate links to the network admin area, ensuring that the links are always correct regardless of the site's configuration or whether it's a single site or multisite network.

    Remember, network_admin_url() is only relevant in a multisite environment. In a standard WordPress installation, the regular admin_url() function would be more appropriate.

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