Function and usage of network_domain_check() in wordpress


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    The network_domain_check() function in WordPress is used to check for the existence of a network in a WordPress Multisite setup. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and a sample usage:

    Function: network_domain_check()

    • Return Type: string|false
    • Purpose: This function is used in WordPress Multisite environments to verify if a network (a collection of sites under a single WordPress installation) exists.
    • Return Value: It returns the base domain of the network as a string if a network exists. If no network is found, it returns false.

    Sample Usage

    Here's how you can use network_domain_check() in a WordPress Multisite setup:

    1. In a Theme or Plugin: You can use this function to perform actions based on whether a network exists. For example, you might want to execute certain code only if the WordPress installation is a part of a Multisite network.
    $network_domain = network_domain_check();
    if ( $network_domain !== false ) {
        // A network exists
        echo "Network domain: " . $network_domain;
    } else {
        // No network found
        echo "This WordPress installation is not part of a Multisite network.";

    In this example:

    • We call network_domain_check() and store its return value in $network_domain.
    • We then check if $network_domain is not false. If it's a valid string (i.e., a domain), it indicates that a network exists, and we can perform actions accordingly.
    • If $network_domain is false, it indicates that there is no network, and we can handle this case as needed.

    Practical Applications

    • Multisite Network Management: This function is particularly useful in plugins or themes designed for WordPress Multisite networks, where you need to ensure that a particular operation only occurs if a network exists.
    • Conditional Functionality: You might want to offer different features or settings in your theme/plugin depending on whether it's being used on a single site or within a Multisite network.

    Important Notes

    • Multisite Specific: This function is specifically for WordPress installations configured as Multisites. It won't be relevant for standard single-site installations.
    • Context of Use: Typically, this function is used by developers in the context of plugin or theme development for Multisite networks.

    This function is part of the broader set of WordPress functions that help developers manage and interact with Multisite networks.

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