Function and usage of new_user_email_admin_notice() in wordpress


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    The new_user_email_admin_notice() function in WordPress is designed to enhance user experience and security when changing email addresses. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function: new_user_email_admin_notice()


    • Main Functionality: This function adds an administrative notice in the WordPress admin area. The notice is displayed to alert the administrator to check their email for a confirmation request after they have changed their email address.
    • Security Aspect: It's part of the security measures in WordPress to ensure that the email address change is intentional and authorized by the user.

    How it Works

    • Triggering the Notice: When an administrator changes their email address in the WordPress settings, this function is called automatically.
    • Notice Content: The notice typically contains a message prompting the admin to check their email inbox for a confirmation link.
    • Email Confirmation: The admin must click on the confirmation link sent to the new email address to complete the email change process. This step is crucial to verify the ownership of the new email address.


    • Automatic Execution: Generally, you don't need to manually implement this function. WordPress calls it automatically during the email change process in the admin settings.
    • Customization: If needed, developers can customize the message or style of the admin notice by hooking into related actions or filters provided by WordPress.

    Sample Usage

    In a typical scenario, you wouldn't directly use new_user_email_admin_notice() in your code because it's part of the core WordPress functionality that runs automatically. However, understanding its role is crucial for debugging or customizing the email change process.

    // Example: Customizing the admin notice message
    add_filter('new_user_email_admin_notice', function ($message) {
        return "Attention: Please confirm your new email address! Check your inbox for the confirmation email.";

    This sample code demonstrates how you might customize the admin notice message, although the exact method depends on how WordPress implements this function and the hooks available for it.


    new_user_email_admin_notice() is a part of WordPress's internal mechanisms to enhance security and user experience during an email address change. It's automatically executed and typically doesn't require direct interaction from developers, but it's open for customization through WordPress's extensive hooks and filters system.

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