Function and usage of next_post_rel_link() in wordpress


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    The next_post_rel_link() function in WordPress is used to display a relational link for the next post adjacent to the current post. This function is particularly useful for creating navigational links between posts.

    Function Signature

    next_post_rel_link( string $title = '%title', bool $in_same_term = false, int[]|string $excluded_terms = '', string $taxonomy = 'category' )


    The next_post_rel_link() function outputs a link to the next post in relation to the current post. It's useful for adding next post navigation links on a post page.


    1. $title (string, optional):

      • This parameter specifies the format of the link title.
      • The default value is '%title', which means the title of the next post will be used as the link title.
      • Example: If set to "Next: %title", the link title will be "Next: [Next Post Title]".
    2. $in_same_term (bool, optional):

      • This boolean parameter determines whether the next post link should be in the same taxonomy term as the current post.
      • Default is false, which means the next post can be from any category or term.
      • If set to true, the next post link will be limited to the same term as the current post.
    3. $excluded_terms (int[] | string, optional):

      • This parameter can be an array or a comma-separated list of term IDs to be excluded.
      • When specified, these terms are excluded from the next post link.
      • Default is an empty string, meaning no terms are excluded.
    4. $taxonomy (string, optional):

      • This parameter specifies the taxonomy to be considered if $in_same_term is true.
      • Default is 'category', meaning the category taxonomy is used by default.
      • This parameter is effective only when $in_same_term is true.

    Usage Example

    // Display the next post link, limiting to the same category as the current post
    next_post_rel_link('%title', true);
    // Display the next post link, excluding certain categories (e.g., IDs 5 and 10)
    next_post_rel_link('%title', false, '5,10');

    Related Function

    • get_adjacent_post_rel_link(): This function retrieves the relational link for the adjacent post (either previous or next) but does not directly display it.

    Additional Notes

    • The function is typically used within the WordPress loop.
    • It's part of a series of functions for navigating between posts, which also includes previous_post_rel_link() for the previous post.

    This function provides a straightforward way to add post navigation on WordPress sites, enhancing the user experience by allowing easy navigation to related content.

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