Function and usage of number_format_i18n() in wordpress


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    The number_format_i18n() function in WordPress is used to format numbers according to the locale settings of the WordPress installation. This is particularly useful for themes and plugins that need to display numbers in a way that is consistent with the language and regional settings of the WordPress site.

    Function Signature

    number_format_i18n( float $number, int $decimals = 0 ): string


    1. $number (float, required): The number you want to format. This is a floating-point number that will be formatted according to the current WordPress locale settings.

    2. $decimals (int, optional): The number of decimal places to use in the formatted number. This parameter is optional and defaults to 0 if not specified. This means that by default, the function will format numbers to the nearest integer.

    Return Value

    • string: The function returns the formatted number as a string, according to the current locale settings.

    Usage Example

    Let's say you have a number, for example, 1234.567, and you want to format it according to the site's locale with two decimal places. Here's how you'd use number_format_i18n():

    $formatted_number = number_format_i18n(1234.567, 2);
    echo $formatted_number;

    In this example, if your WordPress site is set to a locale where the standard number format is with a comma as a decimal separator and a period for thousands, like in many European countries, the output might be "1.234,57". If your site is set to a US locale, it would output "1,234.57".


    • Locale-Dependence: The function's output depends on the locale setting of the WordPress site. The format for thousands separator, decimal point, and the number of decimals can vary.

    • Theme and Plugin Development: This function is especially useful in themes and plugins to ensure numbers are displayed in a format that's familiar to the site's audience.

    • Localization and Internationalization: It's an important part of making a WordPress site accessible to a global audience, respecting their regional number formatting conventions.

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