Function and usage of option_update_filter() in wordpress


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    The option_update_filter() function in WordPress is designed to refresh the value of the allowed options list that can be accessed via the 'allowed_options' hook. This is particularly useful for developers who need to work with option settings in WordPress.


    • Name: option_update_filter
    • Purpose: Refreshes the allowed options list
    • Usage: option_update_filter( array $options ): array


    The function option_update_filter is used in conjunction with the 'allowed_options' filter. The 'allowed_options' filter in WordPress allows developers to modify the list of options that WordPress recognizes as valid. This is crucial when creating or modifying settings in the WordPress admin area, as it ensures that only the specified options are recognized and handled by WordPress.


    • $options (array): This parameter is required and should be an array. It contains the list of options that you want to update or refresh.


    • The function returns an array. This array is the updated list of allowed options after the function has been executed.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's a basic example of how option_update_filter might be used in a WordPress plugin or theme:

    function my_custom_allowed_options($options) {
        // Add or modify $options array as needed
        $options['my_option'] = array('my_setting');
        // Return the updated options array
        return $options;
    // Hook into 'allowed_options' filter
    add_filter('allowed_options', 'my_custom_allowed_options');
    // Use option_update_filter to refresh the allowed options list
    $updated_options = option_update_filter(get_option('my_option'));

    In this example, my_custom_allowed_options is a function that modifies the allowed options. It's hooked into the 'allowed_options' filter. The option_update_filter is then used to refresh the list of allowed options based on these modifications.

    This function is most useful when you have dynamic settings or options in your WordPress site that need regular updates or when you're building a plugin or theme that adds new options to the WordPress settings.

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