Function and usage of paused_plugins_notice() in wordpress


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    The paused_plugins_notice() function in WordPress is used for handling situations where certain plugins have been automatically paused due to errors. This function is specifically designed to render an admin notice in the WordPress dashboard, alerting the administrator of the site that one or more plugins have been paused. Here's a detailed explanation and a sample usage scenario:

    Function Overview

    • Function Name: paused_plugins_notice()
    • Purpose: To render an admin notice in the WordPress dashboard when plugins are paused due to errors.
    • Location: This function is typically defined in WordPress core files.

    How it Works

    1. Error Detection: WordPress detects an error in a plugin during its execution. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as compatibility issues, coding errors, or conflicts with other plugins or themes.
    2. Plugin Pausing: To maintain site stability and prevent the entire site from crashing, WordPress automatically pauses the plugin that caused the error.
    3. Admin Notification: The paused_plugins_notice() function is triggered to create an admin notice. This notice informs the administrator that the plugin has been paused due to an error.
    4. Notice Display: The notice usually contains details about the error and the specific plugin that has been paused. It also provides guidance on how to address the issue.

    Sample Usage Scenario

    Imagine you have a WordPress site with multiple plugins installed. One of the plugins starts causing a fatal error after an update. WordPress detects this error and pauses the plugin to prevent it from affecting the rest of the site. When you log in to your WordPress dashboard, you see a notice at the top of the page. This notice is generated by the paused_plugins_notice() function.

    The notice might say something like, "The plugin [Plugin Name] has been paused due to an error. Check the plugin's page for details and possible solutions."

    Actions for Admins

    • Review the Notice: Check which plugin has been paused and read the details of the error.
    • Troubleshoot: You might need to deactivate the plugin, check for updates, or contact the plugin author for support.
    • Reactivate Plugin: Once the issue is resolved, you can attempt to reactivate the plugin.


    The paused_plugins_notice() function is an essential part of WordPress's error handling mechanism for plugins. It ensures that administrators are promptly informed about any plugins that have been paused due to errors, allowing for quick action to resolve these issues and maintain site stability.

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