Function and usage of populate_site_meta() in wordpress


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    The populate_site_meta() function in WordPress is used for creating and setting default metadata for a WordPress site. This function is particularly useful when you are working with a multisite network in WordPress, as it allows you to specify custom meta data for each site in the network. Here's a detailed breakdown of its function and parameters:

    1. Function: populate_site_meta(int $site_id, array $meta = array())

      • Purpose: The primary function of populate_site_meta() is to create site meta entries for a given site in a WordPress multisite network. It also sets default values for these metadata entries.
    2. Parameters:

      • $site_id (int, required): This is the Site ID for which you want to populate the meta data. In a WordPress multisite setup, each site is assigned a unique ID. This parameter specifies which site's meta data you are going to set or update.

      • $meta (array, optional): This is an associative array of meta keys and values. Each key-value pair represents a meta data item you want to set for the site. For example, array('meta_key_1' => 'meta_value_1', 'meta_key_2' => 'meta_value_2'). This parameter is optional; if not provided, an empty array is used by default, which means no additional custom meta data will be set.

    3. Sample Usage:

      Here's an example of how you might use populate_site_meta():

      // Assume you have a site ID and some custom meta data
      $site_id = 123; // Replace with your actual site ID
      $custom_meta = array(
          'custom_key1' => 'custom_value1',
          'custom_key2' => 'custom_value2'
      // Populate the site meta for the site with ID $site_id
      populate_site_meta($site_id, $custom_meta);

      In this example, populate_site_meta() is called with a specific $site_id and an array of custom meta data. This will create or update the specified meta data for the site with the given ID in your WordPress multisite network.

    Remember, populate_site_meta() is a function typically used by developers working with WordPress multisite networks. It's a powerful tool for managing site-specific settings and data in a network environment.

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