Function and usage of postbox_classes() in wordpress


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    The postbox_classes() function in WordPress is used to retrieve a list of CSS classes to be applied to a meta box. Meta boxes are customizable modules in the WordPress admin screen that hold various kinds of content. This function helps in styling these meta boxes according to different contexts and requirements. Here's a detailed explanation:

    Function Signature

    postbox_classes( string $box_id, string $screen_id ): string


    1. $box_id (string, required): This is the identifier for the meta box. It is used in the 'id' attribute of the meta box's HTML element. Each meta box on a screen should have a unique ID.

    2. $screen_id (string, required): This represents the screen or page in the WordPress admin where the meta box is displayed. Screens in WordPress could be things like the Dashboard, Posts, Pages, custom post types, or even plugin-generated screens.

    Return Value

    • Type: string
    • Description: The function returns a space-separated string of class names. These class names can be used within the HTML structure of the meta box to apply custom styling or to interact with the meta box using JavaScript.


    The postbox_classes() function is primarily used when building custom meta boxes for different screens in the WordPress admin. Here's an example of how it might be used:

    function my_custom_meta_box() {
        $screen = get_current_screen();
        $classes = postbox_classes('my-meta-box-id', $screen->id);
        echo '<div id="my-meta-box-id" class="' . esc_attr($classes) . '">';
        // Content of the meta box
        echo '</div>';

    In this example:

    • get_current_screen() is a WordPress function that retrieves information about the current screen.
    • my-meta-box-id is the unique identifier for this meta box.
    • esc_attr() is used to safely escape the class names for output into HTML.


    This function is particularly useful for developers creating custom themes or plugins that add or modify meta boxes in the WordPress admin. By using postbox_classes(), developers can ensure that their meta boxes conform to the styling and behavior conventions of WordPress admin screens, enhancing user experience and maintaining consistency across the admin dashboard.

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