Function and usage of post_custom_meta_box() in wordpress


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    The post_custom_meta_box() function in WordPress is used for displaying custom fields form fields for a post. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:


    • Name: post_custom_meta_box
    • Purpose: To display custom fields form fields in the WordPress admin area for a post.
    • Use Case: Typically used in the context of post editing screens within the WordPress admin.


    • $post (WP_Post):
      • Type: WP_Post
      • Required: Yes
      • Description: This parameter represents the current post object. It is used by the function to determine which post's custom fields are to be displayed.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's how you might typically see post_custom_meta_box() used in a WordPress theme or plugin:

    add_action('add_meta_boxes', 'add_custom_meta_box');
    function add_custom_meta_box() {
        add_meta_box('custom_meta_box_id', 'Custom Meta Box', 'custom_meta_box_callback', 'post');
    function custom_meta_box_callback($post) {
        // Use nonce for verification
        wp_nonce_field(plugin_basename(__FILE__), 'custom_meta_box_nonce');
        // Display the form fields

    In this example:

    1. Meta Box Registration: First, we hook into add_meta_boxes to add a new meta box. We use the add_meta_box() function to define the meta box, including its ID, title, callback function, and the post type it applies to (in this case, 'post').

    2. Callback Function: The custom_meta_box_callback() function is defined as the callback for the meta box. This function is responsible for rendering the contents of the meta box.

    3. Nonce Field: Inside the callback, we first create a nonce field for security purposes. This helps ensure that the request to save the custom field data comes from a legitimate source.

    4. Display Custom Fields: Finally, we call post_custom_meta_box($post) to display the custom fields form fields. The $post variable represents the current post object, and it's passed to the function so that it knows which post's custom fields to display.


    • Custom Fields vs. Meta Boxes: It's important to differentiate between custom fields and meta boxes. Custom fields are key-value pairs that store additional information about a post. A meta box is an interface element in the WordPress admin where you can arrange custom fields.
    • Security: Always ensure to implement proper security measures like nonce fields when saving data from meta boxes to protect against CSRF attacks.
    • Flexibility: While post_custom_meta_box() provides a standard way to display custom fields, many developers choose to create more customized solutions for greater control over the layout and types of fields displayed.

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