Function and usage of post_excerpt_meta_box() in wordpress


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    The post_excerpt_meta_box() function in WordPress is used to display the excerpt meta box on the post editing screen. This function is part of the WordPress Core and is typically used by developers to modify or customize the behavior of the post excerpt box in the WordPress admin area.

    Here's a detailed explanation of its usage:


    post_excerpt_meta_box( WP_Post $post )


    • $post (WP_Post) (Required): This parameter is the current post object. It represents the post for which the excerpt box is being displayed.


    The post_excerpt_meta_box() function displays the form fields for editing the post excerpt in the WordPress admin. An excerpt in WordPress is a summary or a brief description of a post. In the WordPress admin, this function is used to create a user interface where users can add or edit the excerpt of a post.


    This function is used in the WordPress backend, and it's often called within the context of the WordPress Loop or on the post editing screen. It's not commonly used in theme or plugin files, but it can be used for creating custom admin pages or modifying the default behavior of the post edit screen.

    Here's a simple example of how you might see this function used:

    add_action('add_meta_boxes', 'custom_excerpt_meta_box');
    function custom_excerpt_meta_box() {
            'postexcerpt', // ID of the meta box
            __('Excerpt'), // Title of the meta box
            'post_excerpt_meta_box', // Callback function
            'post', // Post type
            'normal', // Context where the box should show
            'high' // Priority of the meta box

    In this example, the custom_excerpt_meta_box function hooks into the add_meta_boxes action to add a custom meta box for the excerpt. It utilizes the post_excerpt_meta_box function as a callback to render the appropriate fields.


    • This function is a part of WordPress core, and it is not intended to be overridden or directly modified.
    • It's more common to interact with post excerpts using functions like the_excerpt() or get_the_excerpt() in theme templates.
    • Understanding WordPress actions and filters is crucial for effectively using this function in a plugin or theme development context.

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