Function and usage of post_format_meta_box() in wordpress


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    The post_format_meta_box() function in WordPress is used for displaying post format form elements within the WordPress admin interface. This function is typically used in the context of post editing screens. Here's a detailed breakdown of the function and its usage:


    • Name: post_format_meta_box
    • Purpose: To display post format form elements in the WordPress post editing screen.


    1. $post (WP_Post) [required]:

      • Description: The current post object.
      • Type: WP_Post
      • Purpose: It provides the context of the current post being edited, allowing the function to tailor the display of post format elements accordingly.
    2. $box (array) [required]:

      • Description: An array of post formats meta box arguments.
      • Type: Array
      • Contents:
        • id (string): The HTML 'id' attribute for the meta box.
        • title (string): The title of the meta box.
        • callback (callable): A function to call that will display the content of the meta box.
        • args (array): Additional arguments or parameters that are passed to the callback function.

    Usage Example:

    To use post_format_meta_box(), you typically won't call it directly in your theme or plugin code. Instead, WordPress core uses this function to handle the display of post formats in the post editor.

    However, if you were to manually use this function, it might look something like this:

    // Assume $post is a WP_Post object representing the current post
    $post = get_post();
    // Define the meta box properties
    $box = array(
        'id' => 'my_custom_meta_box_id',
        'title' => 'Custom Meta Box Title',
        'callback' => 'my_custom_display_callback',
        'args' => array('additional' => 'parameters')
    // Call the function
    post_format_meta_box($post, $box);
    // Define the callback function for displaying the content of the meta box
    function my_custom_display_callback($post, $box) {
        // Display logic for the meta box

    In this example, my_custom_display_callback is a function that you would define to control what is displayed in the meta box. The $post and $box parameters provide the context and settings for the meta box.


    • This function is a part of WordPress core and is generally used internally by WordPress.
    • Customizing or extending post formats typically involves different hooks and filters, rather than directly invoking this function.
    • It's more common to use add_meta_box() for adding custom meta boxes to a post type screen in WordPress.

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