Function and usage of prepend_attachment() in wordpress


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    The prepend_attachment() function in WordPress is used to insert an attachment (typically an image) into the beginning of a post content. This function is particularly useful when you want to automatically display an attachment at the start of your post content.

    Function Definition

    prepend_attachment( string $content ): string


    • $content (string) (required): The content of the post to which the attachment is to be prepended.

    Return Value

    • The function returns a string. This string is the HTML of the attachment wrapped in a <p> (paragraph) tag, followed by the original content.

    Function Behavior

    prepend_attachment() works by taking the content of a post and prepending an HTML formatted attachment (usually an image) to it. The attachment is wrapped inside a paragraph tag (<p>) for proper formatting in the post content. This is particularly useful for ensuring that an image or other attachment appears consistently at the start of your post content across multiple posts.

    Sample Usage

    Consider you have a post where you want to automatically add an image at the beginning of the content. You can use prepend_attachment() in your theme's functions.php file or a custom plugin.

    Here's a basic example:

    function my_custom_prepend_attachment( $content ) {
        // Check if the post is a single post and has an attachment
        if ( is_single() && has_post_thumbnail() ) {
            // Get the post thumbnail (attachment) and prepend it to the content
            $content = get_the_post_thumbnail(null, 'full', array('class' => 'my-custom-class')) . $content;
        return $content;
    add_filter( 'the_content', 'my_custom_prepend_attachment' );

    In this example, the function my_custom_prepend_attachment() checks if the post is a single post and has a post thumbnail (featured image). If so, it retrieves the post thumbnail using get_the_post_thumbnail() and prepends it to the content. This function is then hooked to the the_content filter, so it modifies the post content whenever it is displayed.


    While prepend_attachment() is a defined function in WordPress, it is not commonly used in modern themes. Most themes and developers prefer to handle attachments and images more directly and with more control, typically using functions like get_the_post_thumbnail(). The usage and need for prepend_attachment() may vary based on specific requirements and WordPress versions.

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