Function and usage of print_embed_comments_button() in wordpress


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    The print_embed_comments_button() function in WordPress is used to print the necessary markup for an embed comments button. This function is particularly useful when you are customizing WordPress themes or creating templates that support embedded comments.

    Function: print_embed_comments_button()


    • Primary Use: The main purpose of this function is to generate the HTML markup needed for an embed comments button. This button is typically used in templates or themes to allow users to embed comments on a page or post.
    • Integration with WordPress Embeds: WordPress has a robust system for embedding content, and this function plays a role in embedding comments within posts or pages.


    1. Where to Place: Typically, this function is used in the WordPress loop within theme files, especially in places where you want to display a button for embedding comments.
    2. Template Files: Commonly placed in files like single.php, page.php, or any custom template files where comments are shown.

    Sample Code:

    if ( function_exists( 'print_embed_comments_button' ) ) {
    • Conditional Check: The function_exists() check ensures that the function is available before calling it. This is good practice to avoid errors in themes or plugins that might be used in environments where the function isn't defined.
    • Calling the Function: print_embed_comments_button() is called without any parameters, as it automatically generates the necessary HTML for the button.


    • CSS and Styling: While the function outputs the basic markup, you can style the button using CSS. This can be done by adding custom CSS rules in your theme's stylesheet.
    • JavaScript Interactions: If you want to add additional interactivity or behavior to the button, you can use JavaScript and target the HTML elements output by this function.


    • Theme Compatibility: Make sure your theme supports embedding comments. Some themes might have specific layouts or styles that could affect how the embed comments button appears or functions.
    • WordPress Version: Ensure compatibility with the WordPress version you are using, as the function's availability or behavior might change in different versions.

    By using print_embed_comments_button(), you can enhance the interactivity and user engagement on your WordPress site, allowing users to easily embed and interact with comments on your posts or pages.

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