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    The print_late_styles() function in WordPress is designed to handle stylesheets that were enqueued too late to be included in the HTML head section. This situation can occur if a theme or plugin incorrectly queues stylesheets after the HTML document has started rendering. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and a sample usage scenario:

    Function: print_late_styles()


    print_late_styles(): array|void


    • Primary Function: To print styles that were enqueued after the HTML head was rendered. This ensures that these styles are still applied to the page, even though they were added late.
    • Context of Use: Typically used in WordPress themes or plugins where stylesheets might be enqueued at various points in the page rendering process.

    How it Works

    • Checking for Late Styles: The function checks if there are any stylesheets that were enqueued after the wp_head() hook was executed.
    • Outputting Styles: If late styles are found, print_late_styles() prints them directly to the page, usually in the footer section.
    • Return Value: It may return an array of handles of the printed stylesheets or void if no late styles were printed.

    Sample Usage


    Imagine you're developing a WordPress theme or plugin, and you have a dynamic component that requires specific styling. However, the styles for this component are conditionally enqueued based on certain runtime parameters, and they end up being enqueued after the main page head is rendered.


    function my_custom_function() {
        // Some conditions to enqueue styles
        if (/* some condition */) {
            wp_enqueue_style('my-late-style', 'path/to/style.css');
        // Other theme or plugin code
    add_action('wp_footer', 'my_custom_function');
    // In the footer of the theme (usually footer.php)
    function theme_footer_function() {
        // This will print any styles queued in my_custom_function


    • Enqueuing Late Styles: In my_custom_function(), the style is enqueued based on a condition. This function is hooked to wp_footer, which is executed after the HTML head.
    • Printing Late Styles: theme_footer_function() is called in the theme's footer to ensure any late enqueued styles are printed on the page.
    • Result: This ensures that the styles required for your dynamic component are correctly applied, regardless of when they were enqueued.

    This function is a part of WordPress's robust system for handling assets and ensures that all enqueued styles are applied correctly, even if they're added late in the page rendering process.

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