Function and usage of redirect_this_site() in wordpress


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    The redirect_this_site() function in WordPress is designed to ensure that the current site's domain is included in the list of allowed redirect hosts. This function is important for maintaining the security and integrity of redirects within your WordPress site. Here's a detailed explanation of the function and its usage:


    redirect_this_site( array|string $deprecated = '' ): string[]


    To ensure the current site's domain is included in the list of allowed redirect hosts.


    • This function is a part of WordPress's security measures to manage redirects within the site.
    • It works in conjunction with wp_validate_redirect(), which is another function used to validate the redirects to external hosts.
    • By ensuring the site's domain is in the allowed list, it prevents unauthorized or harmful redirects.


    • $deprecated (array|string): An optional parameter, not currently used in the function.
      • Default value: '' (an empty string)


    • string[]: Returns an array containing the current site's domain.
    • In the context of WordPress, the return type is typically just the site's domain as a string.

    Sample Usage:

    // Example of using redirect_this_site()
    $current_site_domain = redirect_this_site();
    // Output the current site's domain
    echo 'Current Site Domain: ' . $current_site_domain;

    In this example, the function redirect_this_site() is called without any parameters. The returned value is stored in the variable $current_site_domain, which is then outputted to display the domain of the current site.

    Important Notes:

    • As of the last update, the $deprecated parameter is not used. It's included for possible future use or for compatibility reasons.
    • Always ensure that your WordPress version is compatible with the function you are using.
    • Use this function as part of a broader strategy to manage and validate redirects on your WordPress site for security and performance reasons.

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