Function and usage of refresh_blog_details() in wordpress


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    The refresh_blog_details() function in WordPress is used to clear the cache of blog details. This can be particularly useful in a multisite environment where details about different blogs/sites are stored and frequently accessed. Here's a detailed explanation and a sample usage:


    • Name: refresh_blog_details()


    • This function is used to clear the cached details of a blog in a WordPress multisite network.
    • It ensures that the most current information about the blog is used instead of potentially outdated cached data.


    • $blog_id (int, optional): The ID of the blog whose details you want to refresh.
      • If not specified, it defaults to the current blog in context.


    The refresh_blog_details() function is straightforward to use. Here’s an example of how you might use it in a WordPress multisite environment:

    Sample Usage:

    // Assume you have a blog ID of 5
    $blog_id = 5;
    // Refresh the details for this specific blog
    // You can also use it without specifying a blog ID, which will refresh the current blog's details


    • This function is particularly useful when changes are made to a blog/site in a network, and you want to ensure that these changes are immediately reflected across the network without waiting for the cache to expire.
    • In a single-site WordPress installation, the impact of this function is minimal, but it can still be used for consistency in code that might run on both single and multisite installations.


    refresh_blog_details() is a handy function for developers working with WordPress multisite installations, ensuring that changes to blog details are immediately recognized without being hindered by cached data.

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