Function and usage of register_and_do_post_meta_boxes() in wordpress


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    The register_and_do_post_meta_boxes() function in WordPress is a key function used in the process of generating meta boxes for posts. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and usage:


    register_and_do_post_meta_boxes( WP_Post $post )


    This function is used to register the default post meta boxes and to execute the do_meta_boxes actions. Meta boxes are customizable panels in the WordPress post editing screen that allow users to add additional information to posts. This function ensures that these boxes are set up correctly for each post.


    • $post (WP_Post, required): This parameter is the post object for which the meta boxes are being generated. The $post object contains all the data of a specific post, including ID, title, content, etc.


    To use this function, you need to pass a post object to it. Here's a basic example of how it might be used within a WordPress template or plugin:

    global $post;
    register_and_do_post_meta_boxes( $post );

    In this example, the global $post variable is used. This variable is available within the WordPress Loop and represents the current post in the loop. By passing this variable to register_and_do_post_meta_boxes(), the function will register and display the meta boxes for the current post.

    Sample Scenario:

    Imagine you're creating a custom post type in WordPress, say 'Books'. You want to add a meta box to the post editor where users can add additional information about the book, like its author, ISBN, and publication date. In your plugin or theme's functions file, you might use register_and_do_post_meta_boxes() in conjunction with other functions to create these meta boxes.

    Here's a very simplified flow of how it might be used:

    1. Define a function to add meta boxes.
    2. Hook your function into the add_meta_boxes action.
    3. Inside your hooked function, use add_meta_box() to add your custom meta boxes.
    4. On the page where you're editing 'Books', register_and_do_post_meta_boxes($post) will ensure that these boxes are set up and displayed.

    Remember, this is a simplistic example. In a real-world scenario, you would also need to handle saving the data entered into these meta boxes and ensuring that it's displayed correctly on your website.

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