Function and usage of register_sidebars() in wordpress


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    The register_sidebars() function in WordPress is a powerful tool for theme developers, allowing them to create multiple sidebars dynamically. This function is particularly useful when you need to add several sidebars to a theme, each with its unique identifier and name, without having to manually register each one.

    Function Syntax

    register_sidebars( int $number = 1, array|string $args = array() )

    Description and Usage

    • Primary Function: register_sidebars() is used to create multiple sidebars in a WordPress theme. It's an efficient way to generate several sidebars with similar properties but distinct identifiers and names.

    • How It Works: When you call this function, it registers multiple sidebars based on the parameters you pass. If you don't specify the 'name' and/or 'id' in $args, WordPress will automatically generate these for you.

    • Related Function: It's closely related to register_sidebar(). The second parameter, $args, follows the same structure as in register_sidebar().


    1. $number (int, optional):

      • This parameter specifies the number of sidebars you want to create.
      • Default value is 1.
    2. $args (array|string, optional):

      • This is an array or string of arguments for building a sidebar.
      • Includes id and name parameters.
      • Default is an empty array array().

    Arguments within $args

    • id (string):

      • Base string for the unique identifier for each sidebar.
      • If multiple sidebars are being defined, WordPress appends "-2", "-3", etc., to this base string.
      • Default: 'sidebar-' followed by the number the sidebar is at in the creation process.
    • name (string):

      • The name or title displayed for the sidebars in the WordPress admin dashboard.
      • If registering more than one sidebar, you can include '%d' in the string, which WordPress replaces with a uniquely assigned number for each sidebar.
      • Default: 'Sidebar' for the first sidebar, otherwise ‘Sidebar %d’.

    Sample Usage

    Here's an example of how you might use register_sidebars():

    register_sidebars( 3, array(
        'name' => 'My Sidebar %d',
        'id' => 'unique-sidebar',
        'description' => 'A dynamically created sidebar',
        // Additional arguments...

    This code will create three sidebars named "My Sidebar 1", "My Sidebar 2", and "My Sidebar 3" with IDs 'unique-sidebar-2', 'unique-sidebar-3', and so on.


    register_sidebars() is an effective function for theme developers who need to add multiple sidebars to a WordPress theme. It streamlines the process, ensuring consistency while allowing for necessary customizations.

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