Function and usage of remove_all_actions() in wordpress


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    The remove_all_actions() function in WordPress is used to remove all callback functions attached to a specific action hook. This function is particularly useful when you want to disable certain default functionalities or features added by plugins or themes without modifying their code directly. Here's a detailed explanation of the function and its usage:

    Function Definition:

    • remove_all_actions( string $hook_name, int|false $priority = false ): true


    1. $hook_name (string, required): This is the name of the action hook from which you want to remove all callbacks. WordPress actions are hooks that allow you to trigger a function call at specific times in the WordPress core, themes, or plugins.

    2. $priority (int|false, optional): This specifies the priority of the callbacks to be removed. In WordPress, actions can be added with a specific priority, which determines the order in which they are executed. If this parameter is set to a specific integer, only the callbacks added with that priority will be removed. If it's set to false (the default), callbacks at all priorities will be removed.

    Return Value:

    • true: The function always returns true, indicating that the operation was completed.

    Usage Example:


    Suppose you have an action hook named 'example_action' to which multiple callback functions have been added by various plugins or themes, and you want to remove all these callbacks.

    Sample Code:

    // Check if the action hook 'example_action' has any callbacks
    if ( has_action( 'example_action' ) ) {
        // Remove all callbacks from 'example_action'
        remove_all_actions( 'example_action' );

    In this example, the remove_all_actions() function is used to remove all callbacks from the 'example_action' hook. The has_action() function is used beforehand to check if there are any callbacks attached to the hook, which is a good practice to avoid unnecessary function calls.


    • Use remove_all_actions() cautiously, as it removes all callbacks, which might include essential functionalities.
    • It's good practice to check if the hook has any actions attached to it before using remove_all_actions().
    • This function is part of WordPress's plugin API and is used for customizing or extending WordPress functionalities.

    Remember, modifying action hooks can significantly change how your site behaves, so it's important to thoroughly test any changes in a staging environment before applying them to a live site.

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