Function and usage of remove_custom_background() in wordpress


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    The remove_custom_background() function in WordPress is used to remove support for a custom background from a theme. It's a part of WordPress's theme customization API, which allows theme developers to add or remove support for various WordPress features.

    Function Signature:

    remove_custom_background(): null|bool

    Function Details:

    • Purpose: To remove the custom background feature from a WordPress theme.
    • Return Value: It returns null if the current theme does not support custom backgrounds or if the custom background feature was not previously added using add_custom_background(). It returns bool (true) if the support for custom backgrounds was successfully removed.


    When developing or modifying a WordPress theme, you may need to control which features are available. The remove_custom_background() function is used when you want to explicitly remove the ability for the site administrator to customize the theme's background through the WordPress dashboard.


    Before you can remove custom background support, it typically would have been added using add_custom_background(). To remove this feature, you would use the remove_custom_background() function, generally in the theme's functions.php file.

    Sample Code:

    Here's an example of how remove_custom_background() might be used in a theme:

    function mytheme_custom_background_setup() {
    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'mytheme_custom_background_setup' );

    In this example, the mytheme_custom_background_setup function is hooked to the after_setup_theme action, which is executed during the initialization of the theme. When this action occurs, the remove_custom_background() function is called, removing the custom background feature from the theme.

    See Also:

    • add_custom_background(): Use this function to add custom background support to a theme.
    • WordPress Theme Customization API: For more on how to use WordPress functions to customize themes.

    This function is a straightforward way to control the customization features of your WordPress theme, ensuring that theme users only have access to the features you want to provide.

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