Function and usage of remove_menu_page() in wordpress


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    The remove_menu_page() function in WordPress is used to remove a top-level admin menu from the WordPress dashboard. This function is particularly useful for simplifying the admin interface, especially in situations where certain menus are not necessary for a user role or to maintain a cleaner and more streamlined dashboard.

    Function Signature:

    remove_menu_page( string $menu_slug ): array|false


    • Purpose: Removes a top-level admin menu from the WordPress dashboard.
    • Use Case: Often used by developers to customize the admin area by hiding unnecessary or less frequently used menu options.

    Example Usage:

    1. Removing 'Tools' Menu:

      remove_menu_page( 'tools.php' );

      This code will remove the 'Tools' menu from the WordPress admin dashboard.

    2. Removing a Plugin-Specific Menu:

      remove_menu_page( 'plugin_menu_slug' );

      This would remove a menu added by a plugin, where 'plugin_menu_slug' is the unique identifier for that plugin's menu.


    • $menu_slug (string, required): The slug of the menu to be removed. This is typically the PHP file name that handles the display of the menu, such as 'tools.php', 'options-general.php', etc. For plugin menus, it's the slug defined by the plugin.


    • array|false: The function returns the removed menu as an array if the operation is successful. If the specified menu is not found, it returns false.

    Important Notes:

    • Timing of Execution: This function should be hooked to an appropriate action, like admin_menu. Calling it outside of an action hook may not work as expected.
    • User Roles: Be mindful of user roles and capabilities when removing menus. Removing essential menus might hinder the functionality for some users.
    • Testing: Always test changes in a staging environment before applying them to a live website to avoid potential issues with site administration.

    Practical Consideration:

    While remove_menu_page() is powerful for customizing the dashboard, it should be used judiciously. Over-customization can lead to confusion, especially if multiple people are managing the site. It's recommended to document all customizations for future reference.

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