Function and usage of remove_option_whitelist() in wordpress


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    The remove_option_whitelist() function in WordPress is used to remove specified options from the allowed options list. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and usage:


    • Purpose: To remove a set of options from the list of allowed options. This is particularly useful in cases where you want to restrict the modification of certain options in the WordPress settings, ensuring better control over the configuration of your site.


    1. $del_options (array, required):

      • This is an array of options you want to remove from the allowed options list.
      • Each element in this array should be a string representing the name of the option you wish to remove.
    2. $options (string|array, optional):

      • This parameter specifies the list of options from which $del_options will be removed.
      • It can be a string or an array of option names.
      • If this parameter is not provided, it defaults to an empty string (''), meaning it will consider the global list of allowed options.

    Return Value:

    • The function returns an array. This array contains the updated list of allowed options after the specified options have been removed.

    Sample Usage:

    Let's say you want to remove the options 'admin_email' and 'blogname' from the allowed options list in WordPress. Here's how you could use remove_option_whitelist():

    // Define the options you want to remove
    $del_options = array('admin_email', 'blogname');
    // Call the function with the options you want to remove
    $updated_options = remove_option_whitelist($del_options);
    // $updated_options now contains the list of allowed options minus 'admin_email' and 'blogname'

    In this example, $del_options is an array containing the names of the options we want to remove. By calling remove_option_whitelist() and passing $del_options, these options are removed from the global list of allowed options. The function then returns the updated list of allowed options, which is stored in $updated_options.


    • This function is part of the WordPress core and is used primarily by developers for advanced customizations and development.
    • Always ensure that removing an option from the whitelist does not adversely affect the functionality of your website or plugin.

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