Function and usage of remove_theme_support() in wordpress


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    The remove_theme_support() function in WordPress is a crucial tool for theme developers, particularly when working with child themes. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and usage:


    • Name: remove_theme_support()
    • Purpose: Allows a theme to de-register its support for a specific feature.


    • The remove_theme_support() function is typically called in the theme's functions.php file.
    • Its primary use is in child themes, where it helps to override certain features that the parent theme supports.
    • This function is part of a mechanism in WordPress that allows themes to specify which specific features they support or do not support.
    • It is often used in conjunction with add_theme_support(), which is for registering theme support for a feature.


    • $feature (string, required): The feature being removed. This should match one of the features that can be added using add_theme_support().

    Possible Values for $feature:

    The $feature parameter can take various values, corresponding to different theme features. These include:

    • 'admin-bar'
    • 'align-wide'
    • 'automatic-feed-links'
    • 'core-block-patterns'
    • 'custom-background'
    • 'custom-header'
    • 'custom-line-height'
    • 'custom-logo'
    • 'customize-selective-refresh-widgets'
    • 'custom-spacing'
    • 'custom-units'
    • 'dark-editor-style'
    • 'disable-custom-colors'
    • 'disable-custom-font-sizes'
    • 'editor-color-palette'
    • 'editor-gradient-presets'
    • 'editor-font-sizes'
    • 'editor-styles'
    • 'featured-content'
    • 'html5'
    • 'menus'
    • 'post-formats'
    • 'post-thumbnails'
    • 'responsive-embeds'
    • 'starter-content'
    • 'title-tag'
    • 'wp-block-styles'
    • 'widgets'
    • 'widgets-block-editor'


    • Type: bool|void
    • Description: Returns whether the feature was successfully removed. If the feature was not originally added or if the feature does not exist, the function may return void.

    Sample Usage:

    function custom_theme_setup() {
        // Removing support for custom logo
        remove_theme_support( 'custom-logo' );
    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'custom_theme_setup' );

    In this example, the remove_theme_support() function is used to remove support for the custom logo feature in a WordPress theme. This is hooked to the after_setup_theme action, which is the appropriate hook to modify theme features.

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